Event Caricature Artist


Throw out the clown and bring in the Cartoonist to your next event. Experienced, professional, Polite, and interactive. We give you and your guest a personal fun and unique experience and a  keepsake to treasure for years to come.

There is no event too small like a family picnic at the park, and no event too big such as a Bridal shower, the kids will love it, and the adults will laugh, and you will be the talk of the town for years to come.


We offer three packages 

  • Head Mode: Head Only Drawings (includes shoulders)
  • Head and Body Mode: Head and Body Drawing
  • Head and Body Mixed Mode (Gives the choice to host/guest)


Media used 

Pencil colored


*All portraits will be on 11 x 12 paper* 

Head Mode Example (Below) 

Bostonpeddler.com Event Caricature Artist Hire Head only Mode

Head and Body example (below)


Bostonpeddler.com Event Caricature Artist Hire Head and body example

Read below for more information and how to obtain a Booking with us 

What areas do you service?
As of now we only service the New England area only

How to choose a package 

  1. Pick a mode 
  2. pick a media 
  3. Decide on the hours needed


The information below will give you some more insight into the service we offer.



How many people Do you draw per hour?

   Pencil (Color)
*5 -8 per hour Head Mode
             *4-8 per hour head and Body Mode
              *4-8 per hour Mixed Mode Head and body 
Marker (B&W)

10-15 per hour Head Mode
             5-8 per hour head and Body Mode
              5-8 per hour Mixed Mode Head and body


How do you price my event?

Events start at 150 per hour.

If you intend on ordering Head and Body Mode: or Mixed Mode: there is a 2-hour minimum (if there are more than 10 guests in attendance.) 

 no minim requirement for Head Mode


Is There anything I need to provide?

2-3 seating Chairs. 1(Artist) - 2(Guest)

 6' 8" area away from any speakers and Food Serving table 

Electric outlet (for events Held in dark lite areas)

Shade (for events Held outside)


We also offer Guest an opportunity to have their portrait airbrushed onto shirts, Canvas Throw blankets, and Beach blankets at a discounted Fee
All payments are required at the time of order, we handle all shipping to the guest's choice of address.

Airbrush service is  completely optional and not required for our event services

All adult Shirts 39.00 (10.00 discount)
youth shirts 34.99 (10.00 discount)

Throw/Beach Blanket 65.00

40 x 40 canvas 85.00
18 x 24 canvas 55.00